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business owners, are looking for opportunity to expand their businesses
minority business owners reported experiencing difficulty accessing capital
Small Scale business owners work more than 40 hours a week
minority entrepreneurs cited a lack of mentors as a challenge to their success


At BizSkills for Good, we are dedicated to supporting underrepresented professionals through a caring ecosystem that guides and mentors them to acquire and sustain their own businesses. Our personalized approach empowers you to kickstart multi-generational wealth and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams, one step at a time. We're committed to making a positive impact on your journey.

While startups can be a great way to launch a new business and generate wealth, they can also be a risky and challenging path, particularly for people who already identify as underrepresented.

Developing a new business model requires significant investments in research, development, and testing. Startups often operate on a tight budget, which can limit their ability to explore and experiment with new ideas.

Why not acquire an existing business, with an existing business model, clientele, systems... an entity that can already get easy access to financing? We are here to help you throughout this journey.


Help create and sustain 10,000 underrepresented community members’ businesses by 2030


Embrace the true power of Ubuntu spirit: "I am because you are"

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